A new common sense approach to financial services that works for the majority, not just the fortunate few.

We are here to offer a bank account for the 50 million Americans without one. We believe in financial inclusion. That everybody is entitled to a bank account. And that everybody should have the opportunity to get ahead.

With our mobile app the phone is transformed into a personal bank account, with all the features unbanked customers need. Plus, with no pre approval, everyone is 100% approved. All of this with the bonus of having built-in credit rating and credit score monitoring to help customers get on their feet and get ahead.

We have a large and powerful untapped market.

The traditional branch-based banking system has failed 50 million unbanked and 60 million underbanked Americans, who have a buying power of more than $1 trillion annually.¹

We have a unique and valuable product offering.

The Unbanc Mastercard is a prepaid card giving you global acceptance, global access to cash, contactless convenience, and secure shopping, online or off. The financial smarts of a prepaid card helps you budget by preventing you from overspending or running up debts.


This is a big business opportunity in the U.S.A.

$133.5 billion in remittances was sent from U.S. to other countries in 2015.² Unbanc radically lowers the cost of transmitting funds as remittances, purchases, withdrawing money, obtaining credit, investing, and pretty much everything else financial, all on your phone.


We are backed by Fortune 500 partners to deliver a seamless solution.

Unbanc’s service offerings are backed by the biggest names in the business – Mastercard, AT&T, Transunion, Leagoo, and 7-Eleven.

Unbanc is a division of Mobile Lads Corp, a publicly traded company listed on the Over the Counter Markets (OTC:MOBO).

Our focus is to leverage proprietary mobile banking and telecommunication solutions, custom tailored for the 118 million unbanked and underbanked adults living in the U.S. We are gearing up to launch our product in Q1 2018 in the Miami market, and our goal is to become a leader in mobile banking amongst our target.

For more information download our Investor Summary and Investor Presentation Q4 2017.

For more information, and a copy of our complete Investor’s Kit, including our Investor Deck, Business Plan, and Subscription Agreement, please email us at investors@unbanc.com.

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