Now anyone with a phone can participate in the economy by opening an Unbanc account. No proof of citizenship, birth certificate, home address, or minimum balance required.

Everybody can store value digitally in whatever currency they want—dollars, euro, yen, renminbi, coconuts, as well as digital currency—and make payments instantly anywhere in the world, with the next level of security, and without privacy leakage.

Unbanc radically lowers the cost of sending money, buying stuff, withdrawing money, obtaining credit, investing, and pretty much everything else financial, all on your phone.


This is for the 2 billion people without a bank account.

Who have been left behind by a system that excludes them.

Those not rich enough to make the banks a profit.

And judged not meaningful enough for the banks to care.

This is also for another 2 billion people mistreated by banks.

Who are gouged by underhanded fees and overdraft penalties.

Who believe their worth should not just be measured by what they have minus what they owe.

But on the content of their character and the value of their dreams.

Who also believe their hard earned pay should enrich themselves and their family, not the rich and their friends.

Every year, the gap between the wealthy and poor grows wider.

Today the wealth of just 8 men equals the poorest 3.6 billion combined.

It’s time to change the system.

It’s time to close the account.

It's time to unbanc.